Buying clothes that are made to last is one thing, but there is a lot you can do to make them last. We surveyed designers and dry cleaners they trust for tips on how to take care of our clothes. And our biggest takeaway is that first of all, everything we wear should be accessorized with a zest for life and without fear of breaking the bank. Here are expert tips of How To Take Care Of Your Wardrobe for wearing, storing, and even cleaning clothes properly so to extend the life of your favorite items.


Expert Tips For How To Take Care Of Your Wardrobe

Rinse Off After A Dive:

The swimsuit should always be submerged in water after each use; saltwater or chlorine breaks the fibers and the elastic. Your clothes will last much longer if you follow this rule.


Let Everything Hang Out

Everything with the elastic should turn, especially bras. The elastic needs to relax. In general, whatever you do put a jacket, shirt, or other clothes, the elastic has a lifespan, but the better you take care of it, the longer it will last.

Also recommends for a harder items like Hot Pink Leather Jacket storing laundry with space around it, for a bit of a break. And stick empty perfume bottles in the laundry drawers. The idea is to leave some scents behind.



The width of the hanger should not exceed the width of the shoulders of the shirt. Charvet, a shirt company. Charvet offers you these tips for taking care of your button-down shirts:

Pay close attention to the inside of the collars. This is where blemishes can seep into skin products, such as lotions or makeup. Be sure to wash them immediately, especially before hanging shirts in the closet. Scroll down for tips on how to remove stains.


Avoid Tumble Dryers:

They break the fibers of the fabric and cause the garment to shrink and age prematurely.



The width of the hanger should not exceed the width of the shoulders of the shirt. Make sure your shoulders are resting well on the hanger and, more generally, pull the shirt fabric a bit to limit wrinkling. facilitate ironing. When putting the hangers away in the closet, he suggests leaving some space between them to keep the ironed shirts smooth.


Rinse Out Stains:

Before ironing, it is important to check that there are no more stains. If there is, wash your shirt again.


Water Ironing:

Colban supports steam or not, depending on your preference, but cautions against dry ironing. It’s best to iron the shirt when it’s still wet. If necessary, a jet of water can facilitate ironing.


Iron In Order:

The accurate ironing order is collar, cuffs, after which the relaxation of the blouse, says Colban.

Pack Them Well. Before traveling with a get dressed blouse:

  1. Button the blouse completely.
  2. Put a plastic or cardboard band the sort that comes with internal new shirts from the store, or from the cleaners withinside the collar to assist guide the collar and preserve its shape.
  3. With the blouse front-aspect down, area a sheet of paper or tissue paper at the lower back of the blouse earlier than folding it to keep away from creases.
  4. Use smooth cases, like these, to maintain the shirts in true condition.
  5. When piling the shirts, trade their directions.



T-shirts with bloodless water and drying them on an everlasting press to keep away from wrinkles. I’m now no longer pronouncing it’s going to dispose of pit stains however I positioned it in everything.


Stash Carefully:

Folding T-shirts continues them fluffy. Melillo indicates folding withinside the sleeves towards the lower back, after which folding the T-blouse in 1/2 of as soon as crosswise, to keep away from developing greater creases. And preserving them in a mild stack on the shelf. Don’t grasp your T-shirts: He says it creates ugly hanger marks, and it stretches them T-shirts can develop an inch simply from gravity’s impact on cotton.