Halloween is the most exciting time for the kids. They celebrate it by getting dress up in a costume and go treating and distributing candies around the neighbors, but now it might be not a good idea to Make Halloween Celebration Safer. That makes Halloween different this year as compared to the previous ones.

Parents will make the ideas and decorations for the families, but it’s their responsibility to plan everything by keeping in mind the rising cases of Covid-19. We give you some guidance to celebrate Halloween safer, and the do’s and don’ts for Halloween of this year!


How Can Family Make Halloween Celebration Safer?

There are several safer and alternative ways for Halloween that kids and all of us will love. Here they are:

  • Order online a different style of Halloween Costume/Jacket like Mens Leather Bomber Jacket With Fur, Leather Aviator Jacket With Fur Collar, Mens Black Leather Aviator Jacket, and many more and avoid to go the markets.
  • Decorate your house or apartments with fun by using scary or spooky materials with the help of DIY crafts.
  • Carve the pumpkin with all the family members by using household, paints, or any other thing that will easily be available at home.
  • Host a movie night with the family and kids, you will find a huge collection of all the scary movies on Netflix.
  • Doing the kid things to make them happy, like play different games.
  • Read or listening other scary stories, that will sound really interesting.
  • Play the party or haunted music to dance all night while enjoying the spooky night of Halloween.
  • Pack a basket or parcel of sweets and distribute them to the neighbors.
  • Have different competitions like costume competitions, painting, and pumpkin competitions. Make it more joyful by giving the prizes to the winners.
  • The most important one is don’t forget to taste all the candies to fulfill your sweetness craving.


What Halloween Activities We Do?

  • Maintain social distancing to the other during the party by 6 feet at least.
  • Keep your’s and everyone’s hands sanitized by making the sanitizers accessible.
  • Arrange the party or gathering in the outdoor or open area, don’t forget that all the servings are prepackaged for every single person. And maintain space between each chair so everyone can maintain social distancing.
  • Trick-or-treating will be done without the contact of hands or by wearing gloves.
  • Making or wearing original masks with the costumes must be mandatory, to avoid any Covid-19 symptoms during or after the celebration of Halloween.
  • A costume mask is not a substitute for a cloth mask, so there will be no entry without the real face mask.
  • Wash your hands before you leave and once you get home. Also before eating any treat or sweet and receiving each individual treats from the outsiders.
  • Arrange the bag for kids to take or collect the candies, this will help in avoiding hands contact with everyone.
  • Make treat bags separately for all those kids who come to your place for trick-or-treating purposes.
  • Decorate the different kinds of face masks for kids, to make it joyful for them to wear during the whole event.


The Activities We Should Avoid to Make Halloween Celebration Safer!

  • Arrange a dinner plan at the restaurant because it will not safe as we have seen the rising cases of Covid-19.
  • Don’t use chemical paint or any untested paints for the face paintings.
  • Use hands to give candy or other treats to the kids who come for the trick-or-treating.
  • Sanitized all the outdoor kinds of stuff before using them.
  • Go to the markets for collecting the different decorative things.
  • Make night hangout plans or watching movies plans, arrange all these at home in the safest way.
  • Travel to other countries or cities for Halloween parties during this pandemic period.
  • Avoid shaking hands while distributing the candies to the others.
  • Avoid hosting a party or gathering of a number of people.
  • Don’t wear a mask over a costume mask, it becomes dangerous if the costume mask makes it hard to breathe.


Wrapping Up!

Don’t let Halloween be a big issue for yourself make it memorable and joyful like all the years by taking care of the above-mentioned things. Connect all your other countries’ family members through video calls, to get to know about everyone’s celebrations and costumes.

Though Halloween will look different this year, it will not stop us from the Spooktacular Celebration of this day!